Our products are designed from the ground up specifically for the used car window label printing, vehicle data and photo collection, and vehicle data aggregation industry.

Our core products integrate with our other core products, allowing clients to use whatever combination best suits their business needs, while at the same time providing an overall complete software solution from a single source.

The majority of our window label and vehicle photography clients use either a combination of WebLot and MobileLot, or WebLot and DeskLot, depending on whether they prefer to use notebook computers, Android, or iOS devices to service their dealers lots.

Individual dealers generally use DeskLot. However, larger dealer groups will also use WebLot in order to centralize data from their various locations into one centralized portal.

Our goal is to provide the best in reliable, professional-grade products that your business can count on, while allowing you the flexibility to choose which ones are right for your production goals.

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Web-Based Enterprise Backend

WebLot is our centralized web-based enterprise management system.  It is most generally used by window sticker printing companies and dealer groups to manage an unlimited number of dealerships, their respective inventories, logins, web inventory, automated data distribution/aggregation, printing window stickers, CraigsList posting, and more.

WebLot is also quite useful when combined with our DeskLot software for offloading data distribution as well as for giving dealers web access to manage their collected inventories.

A WebLot account is required for our MobileLot Android, iPhone & iPad application, TxtLot, and WebLot Photo Match products.


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Vehicle Data Collection & Used Car Window Sticker Printing for iOS and Android

MobileLot allows WebLot account holders to use their Android® or Apple® iOS® smart-phones or tablets to completely process vehicles recently added to a dealers lot.

Scan VIN barcodes, decode VIN's, easily take photos without manual photo matching, print window stickers & buyers guides complete with QR codes and CARFAX® highlights, and much more. It's quick, easy, and intuitive. Used by professional window sticker printing companies coast to coast.

A WebLot account is required.


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Window Sticker Printing Software for Windows

DeskLot is our used car window sticker & buyers guide printing, VIN decoding, vehicle data collection, and vehicle inventory publishing/aggregation software for Windows.

DeskLot is used both by individual dealerships who want to print their own used-car window labels in-house, as well as by professional window sticker companies Nationwide. For the latter, generally sticker companies use combine the use of DeskLot with our WebLot product.


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Digital Camera Vehicle Photo Matching Utility

WebLot Photo Match is a Windows utility designed primarily for clients who use our MobileLot app but want to use an external digital camera to take their vehicle photos.

WebLot Photo Match makes it quick and easy to automatically match photos to vehicles by using date/time stamps. Once matched, a click of a button uploads them to a dealers WebLot account.

A WebLot account is required.


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Vehicle SMS/Text Message Short Code System

TxtLot allows dealers to place SMS / text message short codes specific to each individual vehicle on window stickers, 3rd party classified sites, dealer web sites, CraigsList ads, print media, direct-mail and more.

Consumers then use that code to send a short text message in order to receive more information about a vehicle, including a link where they can view photos and details via our mobile inventory modules. The consumers mobile phone number is automatically captured and the lead almost immediately delivered to the dealer, allowing for quick follow-up before the consumer winds up looking at a competitive dealerships inventory.

Want to see it in action Text "AUTO 15WGD" to "41411".

A WebLot account is required.


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Take Control of your Lots Vehicle Flow

From acquisition to retail, time it, track it, keep the processes moving with LotMotion!

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VIN Decoding

We proudly use DataOne data for VIN decoding within our products

There are two different VIN decoders available. Availability varies depending on the product.

  • VIN Basic does a basic decode of the vehicle VIN, providing such details as Year, Make, Model, Trim, Body Style, Exterior Color, Engine, Transmission, Fuel Type, MSRP, and safety equipment.
    • Pricing: No additional charge.
    • Products Supported: WebLot, DeskLot.
  • VIN Advanced does an extensive decode, otherwise known as an "explode" of the vehicle VIN. It provides much more data, including all standard equipment as well as optional equipment that may be on the vehicle.

* The amount of data available may vary based on vehicle and/or vehicle age.

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