DeskLot Support

Antique Version Registration

Once upon a time, a very very long time ago, DeskLot had it's own domain ( Around 2009 we retired that site and consolidated all of the WalkTheLot products into the site After retiring, we left the old registration forms on for a few years, but eventually got rid of them. Yup, your software is that old (*wink*). By the way, thanks for being such a long-term customer!

Registering an Antique DeskLot Version

To register your old version of DeskLot, be sure that the Serial Number listed in the form field below is accurate.

To find the Serial Number in your copy of DeskLot:

  1. If your copy of DeskLot is expired and the software is asking you if you want to register, select "Yes". This will take you to the registration screen within the program. The "Serial Number" will be listed at the bottom of the "DeskLot Registration" screen.
  2. If your copy has not yet expired, from within the software where the vehicle list is shown, see the menus at the top of the screen. Click "Register". From within the "DeskLot Registration" screen, the "Serial Number" will be listed at the bottom of the screen.
Antique Version Registration Form
How to Update My Antique Version

IT IS IMPORTANT that you update your installation of DeskLot to a recent version. Eventually (in the next months to year) we will stop renewing the domain name When that happens we won't be able to get you this far automatically. You'll be stuck waiting for office hours, making phone calls, and waiting for emails from us with web page links that you have to modify and paste into your browser.

Normally in DeskLot, to stay up-to-date, you just need to periodically use the "Check for Updates" main menu option. However, so many system libraries and DLL's have changed over the years, with antique versions, that is not possible. To update, you have to uninstall the old version and install thelatest version from our website.

If you have doubts about your computer skills or proficiency to accomplish the tasks below, we advise either locating a staff member internally, or hiring someone to perform these tasks. The tasks aren't overly difficult and generally anyone who is comfortable copying or moving files within Windows on a regular basis should be able to accomplish them. However, if you think "WINDOWS Explorer" is a web browser, you might want to seek help. P.S. INTERNET Explorer is the web browser. Windows Explorer is what is used in Windows to access files, folders, media, and network shares on your computer.

  1. From within the software, go to "File" and then "Settings". Click the "Networking" tab. Write down what is listed for the "User Data and Databases" setting. This must be exact and it IS cAsE SENsitIVe.
  2. Backup. With old versions of DeskLot, the internal "Backup/Restore" functions were a bit unreliable... primarily the option to backup to a ZIP file. Therefore, we advise that you click the "Explore" button next to "User Data and Databases" and then make a backup copy of everything within that folder, including all sub folders.Generally, uninstalling DeskLot does NOT remove any customer data, however, we don't want you to be the one exception. Back it up just to be safe. We accept no responsibility if your data dissappears. If you want to ALSO use DeskLot's internal backup, that's not a bad idea either. Safer is better than sorry.
  3. Go to "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" (depending on your Windows version) within Windows. Locate DeskLot and uninstall it.
  4. Download the latest version from our website and install it.
  5. Launch DeskLot and see if all of your data is still in their. It is possible that all will be ready to roll at this point.
  6. Once you get into DeskLot, regardles of whether your data is there or not, go to "File" and then "Settings". Then click the "Networking" tab. Verify that the "User Data and Databases" folder is the same. If it is anything different, write it down. Once again, be exact and remember, it is casE sENSitIVe.Quite possibly you're done. But, read on just in case.
  7. Generally not required: If for any reason the "User Data and Databases" value is different, read the instructions under "Database and Vehicle Images Storage Folder" and then use the button for "Launch DBPathConv.exe".
  8. Generally not required: If for any reason your data is NOT there. Copy it from your backup location to the location shown in "User Data and Databases Folder". DO NOT OVERWRITE ANY EXE (Application) FILES (i.e. DeskLot.exe, DBPathConv.exe, DLUpdate.exe, Reseller.exe, or StickerC.exe). You would also try using the new internal "Backup / Restore Data" function if that is easier. If so, be sure to choose the option to ask before overwriting files and overwrite all files EXCEPT files that have an EXE file extension... otherwise, you'll wind up with an antique version again.
  9. Generally not required: If your "User Data and Databases" setting was different in the old installation and new installation, repeat Step 7.