Window Sticker Printing Software for Windows/PC

DeskLot Window Sticker Printing Software

Professional-Grade Used-Car Window Sticker, Buyers Guide Printing, and Automobile Dealership Vehicle Data Collection and Publishing Software For Windows.

  • QR Code printing for your window stickers so smart-phone users can scan your stickers to display the Internet listing.
  • Print CarFax® data on your window stickers.
  • Automatic vehicle image resizing & watermarks/overlays.
  • Spanish FTC buyers guides.
  • ...and more.

Click here to download and use the full version for FREE for 30 days with no obligation.

DeskLot Reseller Program

If you're a company that comes into contact with auto dealerships, such as a web designer or sales person who markets products and services to dealers, and are interested in reselling DeskLot, complete the reseller registration form below.

Already a registered reseller? Click here or hover over the "Reseller Program" menu item to the left to login.

Registered resellers can make from 25% to 45% on each DeskLot sale that they make. And each year, as your existing customers renew, you get residual commissions.

It's easy. You register. We will then send you out a copy of DeskLot on CD that has your unique Reseller ID encoded in it. Make as many copies as you like. Then, as you visit dealerships, either hand them a CD, or install it on their PC. They register, you get credit for the sale.

There are three versions you can install on their PC
  • The version on your CD that has your Reseller ID encoded in it: This version is located on the root of the CD that you get and is the version that automatically installs when the CD is inserted into a computer.
  • The normal version that is available for download on our site: When you install this version, before you leave the dealership, you want to run the special "Reseller.exe" program which is located in the main application folder on the computer you install it onto. This small application will record your Reseller ID in their system and also ask if you want the sale discounted at the time of payment (useful for if you are paying with your card and then charging them the full retail (or more) yourself, or if you want the sale credited to your Reseller account.
  • The generic reseller version (located in the Reseller folder on your CD): With this version, when the dealer selects to Register the software, it asks them to contact their Reseller. This way, you can collect the money however you see fit, such as part of a value added package price, a markup, etc. Then you would be the one to login here and pay with your credit card to get them an unlock code.
Commission Percentages Schedule
  • 1-20 Copies: 25%
  • 21-40 Copies: 30%
  • 41-60 Copies: 35%
  • 61-100 Copies: 40%
  • 100+ Copies: 45%

Commissions are generally mailed out within the 1st week that the payment is received. During peak sales seasons, we may opt to send checks out once per month on the 1st of the month. Reseller commissions do not apply to the purchase of VIN decoders, window stickers, or any other add-ons.

To get started, complete the Reseller application below.
Please tell us how you come into contact with dealers and how you plan to work DeskLot sales into your business practices. Insufficient information can delay the approval of your account. We reserve the right to refuse reseller accounts at our sole discretion if we feel it is not a match.