Used Car Automobile Window Sticker & Buyers Guide Forms

Blank Used Car Window StickersFor simplicity, we now only offer one type of automotive window label form; our blank window stickers.

When printing on these forms, your window sticker printing software should print all content, including borders, graphics, vehicle data, etc.

When printing buyers guides, your software should not only print the vehicle data but also the complete buyers guide with all of it's checkboxes and other elements.

One benefit of this method is that all of your vehicle data will line up perfectly with the other layout elements of your sticker designs.

For users of our DeskLot and WebLot window sticker printing products, there are templates included for the front and back of buyers guides, as well as many additional used car window label templates.

Our blank automotive window label forms are 8.5" x 11" with 7.5" x 10" printable area. They have 1/2" of adhesive on all four edges.

Window Stickers
  • Quantity 250 $106 + $16 shipping
  • Quantity 500 $170 + $17 shipping
  • Quantity 1,000 $280 + $23 shipping
  • Quantity 2,000 $438 + $45 shipping
  • Quantity 3,000 $657 + $68 shipping
  • Quantity 4,000 $876 + $89 shipping
  • Quantity 8,000 $1,437 + $178 shipping

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