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Stop worrying about your credit. Take a few minutes and GET APPROVED for a vehicle. It’s that easy!  Just answer a few simple questions about yourself, your residence and your income on our SECURE web form…it’s that easy and that fast!
Your credit does not matter! You can DRIVE TODAY! 

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How often do you get paid from second source of income? What is your NET (take home) pay frm second source?
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How often do you get paid from third source of income? What is your NET (take home) pay from third source?
Do you have a trade in?
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IF you want to co-apply with someone else then fill out another application and type that person's name here (Must be spouse or parent to qualify)
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ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CONSENT: I certify that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false statements may subject me to criminal penalties. By clicking "Submit Credit Application" I authorize Red White and Blue Autos Inc. and/or its lenders to obtain my credit report and to review and verify my application information. I agree to inform Red White and Blue Autos Inc. prior to funding of any changes in the information provided above.

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