About WalkTheLot.com, Inc.

WalkTheLot.com is a privately owned corporation based out of Saint Augustine, FL. We are not a subsiderary of any other company or corporate conglomerate, and have no plans on ever being so. We are satisfied with doing what we do well and serving faithfully our selective client base without any need or desire to take over the world.

We have been in business and successfully serving the auto and dealer services industry since January of 2001.

All of our products are written in-house, with a focus on top-quality "under the hood" software code. Because we do not subcontract out our programming work, we are able to rapidly make changes when needed with very little delay. Likewise, we do not farm out coding work offshore as we believe in supporting the economy of our own country. As with any business, profit is important, however, our conviction is, people and quality come first.