WebLot Photo Match

Now you CAN have the best of both worlds

Enjoy the incredible vehicle data collection speed, instant vehicle publishing, and wireless window sticker printing of "MobileLot" ...AND... Use your external digital camera, rather than your devices built-in camera, to take the highest quality professional vehicle images.

WebLot Photo Match is a Windows® utility designed primarily for clients who use our MobileLot app to decode VIN's, collect vehicle data, publish vehicle inventory to the Internet and wirelessly print used car window stickers and buyers guides.

Although MobileLot allows users to very easily use their Android and iOS devices to take pictures of vehicles without any manual photo matching, with many devices, especially in difficult lighting conditions, the quality of the photos are sometimes not quite to the standards some clients prefer. Enter "WebLot Photo Match".

With "WebLot Photo Match", users get the best of both worlds; The speed and convenience of vehicle data collection and wireless window sticker printing from their mobile devices, as well as the highest quality photos that often only an external digital camera can provide.

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How Does It Work?

First, within the "Settings" tab of MobileLot, choose "Camera Settings" and then "Use External Camera". Second, be sure that the date and time on your digital camera is as close as possible to the date and time on your mobile device.

Now, use the MobileLot app the same as you normally would with one exception; When you tap the "Photos" tab while processing a vehicle, rather than seeing the interface to take photos with your devices built-in camera, you will see a "Start Taking Photos" button. When you are ready to start taking pictures of the vehicle with your digital camera, tap this button. When you are finished taking pictures, tap the "Stop Taking Photos" button. MobileLot stores these dates and times in the vehicle record, and when you publish the vehicle(s) to WebLot, the dates and times are also published.

Whenever you are ready to match photos, you first need to make sure all vehicles have been published from MobileLot to the dealers WebLot account. Then, simply plug your digital camera into your computer, launch "WebLot Photo Match", and select the external drive and folder to your digital camera's memory card.

Important Note: Be sure NOT to import the photos to your local hard drive as Windows® will change the date/time of the photos to the date and time you imported the photos rather than the date/time the photos were taken.

"WebLot Photo Match" will then download the dates and times vehicle photos were taken and compare those values to the dates and times of the photos on your digital camera's memory card and automatically match them. When you're satisfied with the result, simply click "Upload".

Matching Photos by VIN or Stock # Filenames

"WebLot Photo Match" can also easily assign vehicle photos to WebLot vehicles when the photos are named as either a vehicle VIN or Stock Number.

Within the settings screen you can tell the system which part of the photo filename has the VIN or Stock Number, which part holds the optional numeric photo position (such as photo 1, photo 2, etc), and set a custom delimiter to tell the system what seperates the VIN or Stock Number from other parts of the filename such as photo number.

Some Examples Are: 1C3CCBCG8DN506598-1.jpg, 1005_1013_1C3CCBCG8DN506598_02.jpg, 01-1C3CCBCG8DN506598.jpg, 02-1C3CCBCG8DN506598.jpg, A1234-01.jpg, 2_A1234.jpg, 1C3CCBCG8DN506598.jpg, A1234.jpg, etc.

When the photo position is left off of a filename, the system assigns the photo to position one.

How Much Does it Cost?

The "WebLot Photo Match" utility costs nothing. As with MobileLot, all that it requires is a WebLot account with master account access.

Ready to take the next step? All that you need is a WebLot account, and if you're going to use our MobileLot app, to download the free app onto your Android or iOS device.


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