DeskLot Used Car Window Sticker / Label Printing Software

DeskLot is a professional grade window sticker printing and vehicle data collection and publishing program. It is not only used by many auto dealerships to print their own used car window stickers and buyers guides, but also by window sticker printing companies from coast to coast who use it to run their own window sticker and vehicle data collection and distribution businesses.

We're so sure that DeskLot is the most powerful and flexible window sticker printing software on the market, that we encourage you to use it free for a full 30 days so that you can put it to work for your company and judge for yourself... long before you decide to purchase. AND... it's affordable! Pricing starts at just $299/yr. per computer.

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DeskLot has been on the market and being used in the real-world since October 2002, so it is thoroughly field tested and proven. However, it's not stale. It is continually refined and improved upon as new industry needs and technologies arise. No wonder so many window sticker printing companies rely on DeskLot each and every day to successfully run their businesses.

No Special Gadgets Required

No special hardware or trendy gadgets to buy. Use your own computer and printer.

Print Unlimited Labels

Print unlimited window stickers and buyers guides with no per sticker fees.

Print an a Variety of Labels

Print on virtually any window labels that you like such as blank, pre-printed, or custom.

Freedom to Choose

Use whatever window labels you like. We don't force you to purchase ours.

Flexible Sticker Design

Design stickers the way that you want. You're not limited to pre-defined layouts.


Over 60 sticker & buyers guide templates to help you get up and going quickly.

Print QR Codes

Add QR codes to your automotive window labels.

Print CarFax® Highlights

Add CARFAX® highlights to your window label designs.

Unlimited Vehicles

Add an unlimited number of vehicles for each rooftop.

Free VIN Basic Decoder

"VIN Basic" VIN decoder with locally stored data included for FREE.

VIN Advanced VIN Exploder

"VIN Advanced" web services VIN exploder. Additionally priced subscription required.

Customizable Vehicle Warranties

Customize your own warranties for printing on buyers guides.

Export to Classified Sites

Export your inventory and photos to 3rd party vehicle classified sites.

Batch Imports & Exports

Batch your imports & exports. Even schedule with Windows® task scheduler.

Local Inventory Imports

Import inventory from local delimited text files such as files exported from DMS.

Unlimited Rooftops

Add an unlimited number of dealership accounts with our Enterprise version.

Photo Resizing

Automatic vehicle photo resizing while adding photos.

Vehicle Photo Watermarks

Automatic overlays, including specific watermarks for certified vehicles.

Up to 50 Photos

Easily add up to 50 photos per vehicle.

Batch Photo Matching

Import and match vehicle photos in batch.

...and many more features. DeskLot has all that you would expect & need!

Go ahead and take a look at our features, frequently asked questions, sample window sticker templates, and competitive pricing...

...then, download our no-obligation free 30 day trial. Take your time... you've got 30 days to get it fully implemented within your company before you ever need to consider purchasing. And, with no contract yearly subscriptions, there's no long-term commitment to make.

Find out why auto dealerships, used car window sticker printing, and automotive data collection companies Nationwide rely on WalkTheLot® software technology for their businesses.

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